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Refurbished Photocopiers or printers

Looking to rent or purchase a used or refurbished photocopier or printer?

refurbished photocopiers dorsetLogik supply a large number of brand new Toshiba multifunctional photocopiers and printers on short term rental agreements, subsequently we have a steady supply of nearly new or fully refurbished photocopying equipment that can be supplied at a significantly reduced price.

Every refurbished photocopier and printer passes through our rigorous reconditioning program that allows us to supply all used equipment with a full 3 year service warranty, providing you with peace of mind when making your decision to rent or purchase equipment.

Special Offers for new photocopiers and printers.

We also have promotional offers for brand new equipment that can enable you to obtain higher specification multifunctional photocopying equipment (MFPs) without the need for additional outlay.

Please call for special offers on brand new Toshiba multifunctional photocopying equipment and network printers.

For further information please contact Rob Cullen on 01202 873366 or by email

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