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Logik Copying Systems Ltd Introduces Toshiba TouchFree Contactless Operation of MFPs

Leading office equipment manufacturer Toshiba has unveiled an innovative feature called TouchFree for their multifunction printers (MFPs). This ground breaking feature allows users to operate MFPs or networked photocopiers without physically touching the control panel. Instead, users can utilise the touch screen of their iOS devices as a remote control, mirroring the actual control panel and providing a seamless and hygienic user experience.

With TouchFree, users can perform all necessary tasks, including copying, scanning, and print release, using their iOS device. This eliminates the need for shared touchscreens, reducing the risk of spreading viruses and bacteria, especially in high-traffic office and school environments.

The TouchFree feature is particularly advantageous over traditional methods of hygiene maintenance, such as repeated wiping of the control panel with antibacterial wipes. These wipes can often leave residues that accumulate over time, causing control panel buttons to become unresponsive. With TouchFree, users can bypass this issue entirely while ensuring a clean and  hygienic user interface.

Toshiba's TouchFree feature not only prioritises user health and safety but also enhances operational efficiency in modern workplaces. By leveraging their iOS devices as remote controls, users can maintain a seamless workflow while minimising physical contact with shared surfaces.

As businesses increasingly prioritise cleanliness and employee well-being, Toshiba's TouchFree feature is set to revolutionise the way MFPs are operated, providing a touchless solution that combines convenience, functionality, and hygiene.

Contact Logik Copying Systems Ltd to learn more about how TouchFree can transform your office environment into a safer and more efficient workspace.

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